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HITV Therapy
- Human Initiated Therapeutic Vaccine -

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ICVS Tokyo Clinic provides online appointment services for international patients who need diagnose of HITV Treatment in advance of their visit to Japan, and consultations for those who wish to visit Japan for cancer treatment.


Immune System and Dendritic Cells

In the immune system, Dendritic Cells learn and acquire information on foreign substances to attack and convey this information to immune cells in charge of the attack. Immune cells with high attacking ability attack enemy foreign substances based on the information provided by Dendritic Cells. Therefore, in order for immune cells to mount an effective attack against foreign substances (tumor cells), it is important for Dendritic Cells to have accurate and precise information.


How HITV Therapy Works

01Dendritic Cells are injected directly into the tumor.
Highly antigenic cancer information enables highly precise cancer attack. In HITV therapy, Dendritic Cells are injected directly into the tumor with our unique adjuvant (a substance that activates Dendritic Cells), while confirming with CT images during the treatment.
This ICVS-unique advanced method of introducing Dendritic Cells directly into the body allows the Dendritic Cells to collectively learn and acquire information on multiple cancers in the patient's own tumor with greater accuracy and precision.
02Vaccinating the Tumor: Turning the tumor itself into an immune-cell-production factory.
Dendritic Cells injected into tumors by HITV therapy recognize information on cancer cells with high precision, so that instructions to immune cells attacking cancer cells are also precise.
CTLs (killer T cells/cytotoxic T lymphocytes), which are representatives of offensive immune cells, are induced in the body around the second week after the administration of Dendritic Cells and begin to attack cancer cells based on the information from the Dendritic Cells.
Being given the precise cancer information, these CTLs continue to attack cancer cells for 24 hours restlessly. In other words, the tumor itself, directly injected with Dendritic Cells, becomes a factory that produces CTLs that attack cancer cells, resulting in the "vaccination of the tumor."
03Our HITV Therapy cleanses even the tiniest cancer cells: Removes cancer cells from the blood and prevents metastasis and recurrence.
Even if a tumor mass is removed by surgery or radiation, microscopic cancer cells that cannot be identified by diagnostic imaging remain, and they migrate through the bloodstream, implant, and become cancerous. And the possibility of recurrence will not disappear unless all cancer cells in the blood are removed.

In our HITV therapy, the tumor keeps producing attacking-immune-cell CTLs, and highly accurate CTLs are constantly flowing out of the vaccinated tumor into the bloodstream, which travel throughout the body in the blood and launch a powerful attack immediately upon detection of cancer cells. This action leads to the prevention of cancer metastasis and recurrence.

Greetings from
Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi, MD, the CEO of
ICVS Tokyo Clinic.

The time has finally come when we can expect cancer shrinkage or disappearance by IMMUNOTHERAPY alone for advanced cancer.
In the future, IMMUNOTHERAPY is expected to be the main player of cancer treatment, being supported by anticancer drugs and radiotherapy to speed up the healing process.
In the aging society, IMMUNOTHERAPY with fewer side effects will enable people to lead meaningful lives while maintaining their quality of life (QOL) without incurring great costs.
As I have treated patients from more than 15 countries and regions so far, ICVS Tokyo Clinic welcomes inquiries from people overseas.

Short Summary from a Lecture
by Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi

Please read before proceeding to the Inquiry:
Conditions for HITV Therapy Treatment:
1. HITV therapy is indicated for patients with recurrent cancer or advanced cancer diagnosed as stage IV.
2. The details of the indications for each patient will be explained at the preliminary diagnosis.

Cancers / Tumors not applicable for HITV Therapy
The following patients are not eligible for HITV therapy.

* Patients with blood cancers such as leukemia
* Patients who lack basic physical fitness (e.g., those who have difficulty in self-ambulation or oral intake, cholinesterase level less than 200, etc.)

Medical Coordinating Agents
ICVS Tokyo Clinic asks patients to come with professional support of "medical coordinating agents (outside contractors)" to ensure smooth progress of HITV treatment.
If you like, we can introduce one of our outside medical coordinators.

No Attending Physician System
The doctor in charge will be decided by the Clinic depending on the reservation of the day. There is no attending physician system.


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