HITV Treatment|東京のがん免疫療法なら【ICVS東京クリニック】まで


Greetings from
Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi, MD,
the CEO of
ICVS Tokyo Clinic.

The time has finally come when we can expect cancer shrinkage or disappearance by IMMUNOTHERAPY alone for advanced cancer.
In the future, IMMUNOTHERAPY is expected to become the main player of cancer treatment, helping anticancer drugs and radiotherapy to work together to speed up the healing process.
In an aging society, IMMUNOTHERAPY with fewer side effects will enable people to lead meaningful lives while maintaining their quality of life (QOL) without incurring great costs.
I have treated patients from more than 12 countries and regions so far.
ICVS Tokyo Clinic welcomes inquiries from people from overseas.

What is "HITV Treatment"

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* The doctor in charge will be decided by the Clinic depending on the situation of the day.
There is no attending physician system.

Short Summary from a Lecture
by Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi


ICVS Tokyo Clinic provides online appointment services for international patients who need diagnose of HITV Treatment in advance of their visit to Japan, and consultations for those who wish to visit Japan for cancer treatment.
ICVS Tokyo Clinic asks patients to come with professional support of “medical coordinating agents (outside contractors)" to ensure smooth progress of HITV treatment.
If you like, we can introduce one of our outside medical coordinators to you.
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